Local group secretaries maintain the only list of names and contact details for members of their group.


Individual contact details will never be passed on without the expressed consent of all parties involved.


The BDDG is a self-help group of doctors and dentists who are recovering from chemical addictions, alcohol and/or drugs. There are around 1,000 members in the UK. We have 16 active groups throughout the country, most having regular monthly meetings.


Information can be obtained by telephoning Catherine, BDDG National Secretary on 07825 107970 or by email

 at '' :  The Sick Doctors Trust on 0370 444 5163, or The Dentists' Health Support Programme on 0207 224 4671.


A conference is held every October where we have many visitors from overseas as well as our own members. BDDG is affiliated to International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (



The Sick Doctors Trust and The Dentists' Health Support Programme can help with rehabilitation and treatment.